Breaching the Storm

Winter is coming

I had the dream again; memories strewn about a darkened landscape. Each one a bright, warm part of my past. Each one coated in a thin layer of ice; so clear as to be almost invisible. At first the dreams scared me, I saw them as an ill omen of what was to come from my bonding with the plane of Ice but I never felt wary or in danger during the dreams. That was when I began to explore my dreamscape, hoping to find some meaning behind it. During one such trip I sensed something dark and putrid. Following that feeling I came upon something new, a dark and hungry ooze slowing flowing across the dreamscape. Where the ooze touched the dream seemed to melt and putrefy. Nothing seemed to be safe from its touch except for the ice. Whenever the ooze grew too close to the ice it also began to freeze and then to shatter. That was when it began to make sense. The ooze could only be the influence of the Tower of Malice, slowly corrupting me from within and the ice was simply shielding me from its effects. Armed with this new knowledge I spent each night I found myself in the dreamscape spreading the ice farther and farther. I no longer sense the presence of the ooze within the dreamscape, I fear it has only gone to ground to protect itself. The ooze is born of dark magic that I willingly accepted when I gave my blood to the Tower. I hope that rash decision does not become my undoing but for now it is the least of my concerns.

My thoughts are crowded by Stroud and the Nine of late. I originally joined the Band to repay them for their help in returning me home and because I recognized the danger that Stroud presents to my homeland but the more I learn the greater the danger becomes. Not just for my friends and family but for all the lands on the eastern continent. Trying to figure out the best way to deal with this danger has occupied much of my thoughts. Stroud’s magic is far beyond my own, even with my bond to the Ice plane, but each new challenge brings me closer to his level. Magic has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I have always seen it as a shield to protect myself and those around me and as a tool to accomplish my own tasks. It has helped me reach goals I first thought beyond me, it saved me during the shipwreck that brought me to the Fey islands and helped me to navigate and survive my time on those islands. But I now need something more than just a shield and a tool. The time has come to forge my magic into something new, a weapon to strike down those that strive for the destruction of this land and its people.

Ice is pure, without hatred or malice. but it is also ruthless and without reason. The ice and cold can kill the unwary and the careless but it can also preserve and protect. I will cloak myself in the power of my blood and bond; I will use it to strike my own path and cut the strings that bind the fates of the many others around me. My mind is clear and my heart has hardened. To those that wish destruction and death I will bring it to them. Winter is coming and I am her Herald.



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