Breaching the Storm

The Disposable Hero

The Story of Riieyu

In this world there are heroes and there are stories. Not all stories are pleasant and not all heroes are good. This is the sad tale of a dark boy who grew into a dark man. It began like many stories do with the cries of a new born child. That child’s name is Riieyu. He lay in a pool of his mothers blood as his birth was a trial she would not survive. Sometimes the mother doesn’t have the opportunity to raise her child as he takes her life with him into this new world. All he has now is a father and sister who already hate him. They had lost all and what they got in exchange was a bloody and screaming infant. The father whose name is Clint would spend the first and most important years of a child’s life in a drunken stupor, while the sister, Dottie, took care of the baby as best she could. She hated Riieyu. It wasn’t bad enough that this imp had taken her mother away from her but he was slowly killing her father and suffocating her as well. She tolerated him as long as she could before she finally vanished one day with no word.
Riieyu is six now and can already read and write better then his own father who was still hard in the drink. Clint had no patience for brilliant, young Riieyu and instead of nourishing the childs genius, he would punish him instead. There was a basement in the house of which they lived, a basement whose only light came from whatever candles might be brought there. Riieyu spent years of his childhood exiled to the dark basement. Occasionally Clint would be kind enough to bring food and candles for young Riieyu but as time went by his father showed up less and less and Riieyu’s hatred grew larger.
They lived in a town called Ania which no magic had touched for generations, so you can imagine bright Riieyu’s surprise when he encountered a secret compartment in the basement wall. Inside that compartment was a book. It was a thick volume filled with page after page of whimsical drawings and paragraphs of wisdom. This was a wizards tome. Riieyu spent endless hours in the dark basement studying by candle light this wonderful book, but this book wasn’t all pleasantries and niceties. There was darkness in this book and to that Riieyu was particularly drawn. He learned how to make food and water from nothing. Learned how to move things using nothing but his mind, yet he learned terrible things too, He learned how to burn people using a thought, how to murder without using hands. He decided to test out his new skills by sending a terrible nightmare to his father and the sister who had abandoned him. Poor Dottie is still in an asylum to this day but Clint would not be so lucky. Clint often passed out with candles burning and his nightmare was so terrible that in his thrashing he knocked over a candle and was burned alive along with the home. Riieyu did not fear the flames though, as Riieyu feared nothing. He loved the fire and he controlled the fire at will. He escaped the wreckage of his youth and laughed as it burned.
Riieyu had no one to turn too and no place to call home. All he had was the clothes on his back and his magical book. He found a safe place on the roofs to stash his book and went out into the streets of Ania to learn how to survive. His brilliant mind quickly picked up the skills required for him to survive. Where the best places to beg were. Who was easiest to steal from. How to kill to avoid being killed. All the hard lessons a child of 6 should never have to learn. He spent the next four years on those terrible and cold streets all the while gleaning all he can from his magic tome.
At the age of ten is when we see him now as we watch that fateful day his life would change forever. He had begun using magic in his every day life. Stealing without touching had its advantages. Except one day he stole from someone that knew a bit about the arcane. He would track Riieyu down in an alley where he sat in a quite corner eating his stolen bread while flipping through his book. The man grabbed Riieyu by the neck and bashed him against the brick wall dazing him. In his confusion he dropped his tome into a puddle of dirty water. The man dashed him against the wall twice more before noticing the book on the ground. “Do you know what this is? Do you know what happens to little boys caught with magic in this town?” The man asked poor Riieyu with rage in his eyes. He threw Riieyu once again against the wall, this time pinning him face first against it. He tore Riieyus pants off and threw them in the water beside the book. Riieyu heard the man unbuttoning his trousers as he was pressed hard into the wall. Riieyu went to a different place in his mind. He had been raped before, as it sadly happens too often to the lost people on the streets but he knew that he would never be allowed to live this time, not with this evil man knowing about the book he carried. What is a boy of 10 to do against a full grown man? So Riieyu hid in his own mind while the man finished his vile deed. Then seemingly from no where he felt a magic wash over him. It was different this time because he hadn’t been casting any spells. He turned his head to the side just in time to see the alley way bathed in flames. Riieyu did not fear, for he commanded fire, but this fire was not his. His assailant didn’t have time to scream as he was turned to ashes, yet Riieyu was untouched. When the flame and smoke cleared all that was left was a kindly looking man and Riieyu, clutching the remains of his book. “Eloveser, what are you…” A voice cut off as it came around the corner into the scene. “Eloveser, what have you done? You know its not safe to throw that kinda of power around in Ania. Maybe that will change in time but for now we must go.” The man known as Eloveser replied “This poor child was being accousted by a disgusting mortal and I will not sit by and watch evil unfold and do nothing Harvie!” “Plus, you see that book he is holding? Hes lucky to have gotten away with his life.” The stranger known as Harvie looked at Riieyu and what was left of the book he held, then back to Eloveser. “I know what your thinking and you can just forget it. You love your broken and damaged things so but he can not be taught! Look at the hate in his eyes, he is looking at you! His savior! and he cares nothing for that! He would burn you to the ground where you stand if he had the strength. He doesn’t have the will to learn the things I can teach him!” Eloveser said “Well I’m not just gonna leave the poor thing here to be raped again or worse! He will come with us and I will take care of him myself if need be. Do not stand against me in this Harvie.” Harvie, realizing he was fighting a battle he couldn’t win and knowing Eloveser spoke truth allowed the boy to accompany them. Riieyu with no where to go and nothing left in this world went along.
We flash ahead 8 years later. Riieyu now at the age of 18 had learned much in the ways of magic. Eloveser taught him all he could but it wasn’t until Harvie began to allow Riieyu to study under him that his magic truly began to grow. Riieyu had become one of the most powerful people ever to be able to call a spell, yet Harvie was concerned. “Riieyu is hate incarnate. He learns nothing without trying to give it an edge or adapt it in a way that will hurt someone.” Harvie said. “I have taught him all i can but the one thing I cant teach him is how to accept and forgive.” Riieyu frequently eavesdropped on his mentors but this time he wished he hadn’t for Harvie was right. Riieyu nourished a hate in his soul so deep and black one could fall into it and be lost for all time and Harvie having seen the truth of Riieyu would abandon him as all others had. Riieyu would not give him the opportunity.
One evening while Harvie slept, Riieyu sent Harvie a nightmare unlike any that had ever been dreamt. It cut to the soul of Harvie in such a way that Harvie would see those images for all of time. What Harvie saw, who can say? No one is foolish enough to ask and he would never say. All that is known for sure is he awoke to darkness and pain for in his dreams the visions that haunted him were so profound that his waking body had torn out his own eyes for fear of having to look upon them. Harvie knows the feel of magic unlike any other, though and he knew Riieyu’s touch on this nightmare. Harvie called Eloveser and Riieyu into his study where his appearance drew a gasp from Eloveser and a sinister grin from Riieyu. “Master, let me heal your wounds for I know they pain you grievously.” Eloveser said. Harvie held up his hand. “I will not be healed. This is to serve as a constant reminder to our young Riieyu that there is always a consequence to every action. My mistake was allowing him into the fold knowing the dark heart he has. His consequence is that he may stay, but I will never again teach him magic and he is banned from using it in my tower!” ’I would send him away if not for your soft heart Eloveser but he will never again wield magic in my presence." and just like that Riieyu was severed.
Two years later he had once again earned Harvie’s trust but Harvie still refused to teach him. Eloveser was kinder to the boy but seeing the wisdom in Harvies words, also refused to teach him in the ways of magic. Instead Elvoser taught him other things like forgiveness, acceptance, and peace of mind. Riieyu attacked these lessons as he treated all lessons, as a means to an end. He listened but never truly heard, he thought but never felt. Eloveser was becoming just as useless to Riieyu as Harvie had become. Yet one more fateful evening was to come, an evening that would change all.
He was eavesdropping on his master once again as he crept up to his masters study. “…had hoped you were wrong about him, Harvie but I just cant get through to him!” Eloveser said. “I have tried everything but nothing touches his dark soul.” “There are more pressing concerns then our foolish charge Eloveser.” said Harvie. “I have found another with far more potential and a sheltered youth so he will be far easier to mold when the time comes.” “I am going to be away from the tower for some time and if i have not returned by the little ones 15th name day then it will be on you to care for him and teach him.” “Do not let Riieyu stand in the way of this! Riieyu will never be master over this tower but this new one might. You are to send Riieyu away when I am gone and he is to find his way on his own.” Eloveser replied “Please master, do not send the child away! He may be unteachable but i love him and he deserves to be here! When the new apprentice is ready I will send him away but for now let me keep him safe!” “Your soft heart will be your undoing Eloveser.” said Harvie. “Go now for this may be the last time I can rest for quite a while.”
Riieyu was seeing red by the time he returned to his rooms. Now not only had Harvie cast him out but Eloveser was washing his hands of him too? Eloveser, the only person Riieyu had ever truly trusted! This would not stand! Riieyu began to create a nightmare unlike any he had visited on anyone before. He would break Eloveser for his betrayal! There was one thing young Riieyu hadn’t anticipated though. Harvie had set up precautions in the tower after Riieyu had scarred him and Harvie knew what Riieyu was about. Riieyu was just finishing up his nightmare and was about to send it when the doors of his apartments exploded inward. Standing there before him was a god of wrath. Wild hair flailing wildly as he coursed with magic Harvie casually flicked his finger sending Riieyu slamming against the ceiling then slamming him to the floor with the smallest effort of will. “I ALLOW YOU INTO MY HOME. i TEACH YOU MY WAYS AND HAVE UNENDING PATIENCE WITH YOU ALL BECAUSE OF THE LOVE A DRAGON HOLDS FOR YOU!!! YOU WOULD RETURN THAT KINDNESS WITH DECEIT AND MALICE! YOU WOULD HARM THE ONE BEING IN THIS WORLD THAT TRULY CARES FOR YOU! YOU HAVE LEARNED NOTHING! EVEN NOW YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY WRATH, BUT YOU WILL!” Riieyu coward as Harvie approached him, a ship lost in the tempest. “ENOUGH!!!” roared Eloveser as a huge golden tail slammed into Harvie. “The boy is a product of his upbringing and I do not blame him for what he has done, nor can i ever come to hate him! Banish him from the tower if you must but you will not hurt him!” and with a wave of Harvies hand Riieyu found himself outside the tower looking in and for the first time he finds himself crying. To late did he realize all Eloveser had done for him and he repaid all that kindness with hatred and murderous intent. Riieyu cried himself to sleep that night in front of the tower and in the morning he was gone.
Years later, we find Riieyu lost in thought and drink in a seedy inn. The room brightens as the doors are swung open and in walks a man whose very presence fills Riieyu with remorse. Eloveser approaches Riieyu at the bar, looks down at him with a smile but there is a deep sadness in his eyes. Riieyu gestures for Eloveser to take the seat next him. Eloveser sits down, looks around and leans close to Riieyu and whispers, “My son, we have a serious problem…”



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