Zelgadis Makorav

With great power comes a great desire to blow something up.


Human in his late Twenties. Black hair worn long with a well kept beard and Ice blue eyes. He stands just short of 6 feet tall. Dressed in worn traveling clothes and comfortable boots. He smiles easily but often seems distracted or thoughtful.


I am Zelgadis Makorav from the city of Tor. I am the middle son of the most recent generation of my family. The Makorav’s are quite well known. Many teach at the University in Tor and several more rank rather high in various guilds around the city. As of right now I have 4 Aunts, 4 Uncles, 14 cousins, my parents, an older sister and a younger brother. This doesn’t take into account any “great” relatives of which their are more than a few. My entire family deals in magic in one form or another. It is our stock and trade; whether crafting some new wonder, designing a new spell or passing on magical knowledge to others. We live for magic and perhaps at some point we even lusted for it.

My family used to joke and tell stories of wayward ancestors falling for the odd and magical creatures that fill the stories of adventurers. A particular dirty one being “Great Great Uncle Bernard and the Sylph Queen”. My family never put much stock in the stories. Sure we had our fair share of sorcerers in the family but no one really believed the idea that they got their power from some far distant abnormal lineage. They simply believed it was a side effect of how much magic the parents were using at the time of their conception. However; after I was born some of the family began to take another look at our supposed family history. Almost all sorcerers are born with a single bloodline, a type of magic or knowledge they have an affinity for. It shapes how they utilize their magic and the form it takes. However; I was born with two bloodlines and after a few years of research my family was able to figure out that the power within me was both Dragonic and Elemental in nature. My magic bloomed early, around the age of 6, and continue to grow as I did. My family did their best to teach me all they could as I developed but I had a hard time focusing and would often find myself distracted by the most random things.

The real blow to both my ego and my family was when I was denied entry into the University. The admissions council was worried that my lack of focus combined with my brute strength would pose a problem to the other students and perhaps the teachers. There was also the issue I had with learning new spells. It seems to take me much longer than normal to finally get the hang of them. My family wasn’t to happy but the council had the final say. Several members of my family offered to tutor me if I wanted, some even insisted.

After being turned down by the university I began to do odd jobs around Tor, some for the guilds and some for the criminal element. Whatever would pay the bills; bodyguard, bouncer, back alley duelist, ect. Whenever I wasn’t working I’d spend my time in the various taverns around town. It was during these times that I would hear stories from the adventures passing through town, planning jobs or simply boasting about their exploits. Some of these stories talked of old magic and relics. Items and knowledge of unimaginable power. I began to think that if I could find something like these adventurer’s where talking about it might solve my problem and help me get into the University. I began to to adventure, offering my services to groups in need of someone with a magical knack. (strangely enough most wizards just want to study all day not risk their lives out in the world. pansies). As my experience grew I began to look for larger and longer expeditions where I could test my skill. It was what lead me to sign on with the group heading out to find the Fey Islands. Most normal people figured they were a myth or fireside story but being such a story myself I figured I had to give it a shot.

It was a beautiful, clear day when I said my farewells to my family and sailed out into the great ocean. Three months later I washed ashore the very islands I had been helping to search for. As far as I know I was the only one to make it to land after the ship went down, perhaps I have my water elemental blood to thank for that. All I knew was that my only option was to move forward. Perhaps I could find someone on the islands that could help me get back home.

Zelgadis Makorav

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