Breaching the Storm

Zelgadis talks to the party

Barek, where he at?

Zelgadis stands to address the party as we settle camp for the night (somewhere away from where Grace is humping that poor hafling to death).

ice and snow still drifts lazily around my feet but it has settled as i’ve grown more comfortable in my new powers

First I’d like to address something that’s on all of our minds, Barek. I won’t leave him in this place or under the power of that creature. His rescue should be our number one priority. To that end I think we should use the connections we have to gain as much info tomorrow morning as we can. Which brings me to my second point.

When I shattered that phylactery earlier I inadvertently became a Chosen of Palorn. I have talked with her before, back when the dragons were rounding us up for trial I asked for guidance and she answered. When we entered this section of the tower I received a vision of that phylactery, in an effort to repay her I shattered it. I was not expecting the mantle she bestowed upon me but I think it will be helpful in getting us out of here. In regards to Palorn and her domains I have been chosen as the Herald of Winter, not terribly surprising I know. However; she also holds dominion over Death. Not the wanton slaughter and murder kind but the natural flow that all life takes in time. She sees all forms of undead as abominations of the natural order, I agree with her wholeheartedly. With my connection to Palorn, and my recently severed connection to the Tower itself, the idea of the undead and those who raise them leave a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sorry Malik but I can not abide their use even as tools. I know we lack strength right now, Grace unable to follow us and Barek lost in the tower but we can still do this without employing the undead. Which brings me to my third point.

I have confidence in our skills, especially since we all seem to be holding onto some bastion of power, I think we all know what i’m talking about but no need to lay it all out in the open. Your secrets are yours to keep. Stroud did leave me a Dragon Orb, not personally but to someone I trust, it is locked away for now while I figure out some way to destroy it. Things have changed for me in another way recently; you all know of the being from the Elemental plane of ice that I had bound myself to. Our bond had helped insulate me from the Tower and granted me a small measure of power. I’m not sure how but that being and i have fused completely, I think it had something to do with becoming a Chosen but i’m not sure. Because of the fusion i’ve lost my ability to cast spells but it’s been replaced with a new power i’m still trying to comprehend. The elements of Winter, wind and water, are now at my beck and call. I’ve lost a lot of versatility with the loss of my magic but this new power feels right to me.

That pretty much sums up all the things that i’ve been through and that are on my mind at the moment. In the morning I plan to ask Palorn about Barek and hopefully gain some information that we can use. I’d appreciate your help in this. If anyone has any questions please ask.


I plan on scrying on Baric tonight before I rest to see if I can get a feel for where he is. I already used my commune to glean nothing about Baric so I cant use that. As for the undead, I will refrain from using them in your presence out of respect for you and your newly discovered deity though I think you are both being foolish. As for your new powers… if you cant use spells anymore, can I have your Staff? :D

Zelgadis talks to the party

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