Breaching the Storm

What in the nine hells is going on anymore?

Lets get down to business... again.

Dear Family,

Hopefully I can find some secure way to send this to you during my travels but if not I should be making my way home to Tao soon. I’ve been keeping notes on all that is going on, mostly for my own benefit but I could use some outside thoughts on the subject.

My new friends are neck deep in this Stroud guys plan but no matter how good he is I don’t think he saw any of this happening. Stroud has proven himself to be unstable, devoted and intelligent which is a very dangerous combination. So far I seem to be something of an unknown variable in his plans and I’d like to keep it that way. The only major issue is that I gave up some of my blood while in the Tower of Malice which has allowed him to forge a connection with me.

After our trip into the Tower of Malice we made our way back and forth across the mainland. It’s kind of crazy how much traveling i’ve been doing. I visited Emperor’s Peak and talked to some dragons. I even met several Chosen, those rare individuals that represent the god’s touch on our world. We learned that Stroud has decided to spread the word about The Band of the Last Days (his name for my new friends) though several agents. The most recent being Graham. We met a woman, her name is Grace, looking to hunt him down and she’s been traveling with us since Emperor’s Peak. On our way to track him down we got a message from Graham saying that he wished to turn himself in. Apparently he’d already put his plan in motion and the start was his own capture/death. Upon which Nine individuals would begin to spread their own brand of chaos and death with the caveat that We would be the only ones to stop them. We’ve met one so far but she managed to escape.

Then we met another Chosen who was watching over a small town. She offered us a place to rest and some information on Stroud. She also had a woman staying with her that is searching for her father and it’s believed that Stroud is responsible and so our group grew once more. While checking out Stroud’s house we came across some friends of my group but they weren’t terribly friendly. One seemed to have gotten their hands on the White Dragon Orb. After unceremoniously killing his partner the man with the Orb vanished from the house leaving us in a house that was awakening to kill us. The cold that existed in that house was incredible and its source was a massive column of elemental ice that had the red Dragon Orb sealed inside (this would be the orb that is tied to the dragon in Osvata’s head). With the house attacking us and the intense cold surrounding us we had to act fast. I decided to try something rash. Knowing that the power of a water elemental flows in my veins I reached out to the column of ice in an effort to empower my magic and it worked! The strength was immense and it let me hammer the house into submission. In an effort to get the Orb, Osvata called on Flare once more but it cost her all the control she still had. As the house crashed down around us she rose into the air and flew off. Luckily the next day she was back, apparently Flare decided to let her go when her superior in the Church offered to take her place.

After that we received a summons from another one of the Nine who wanted to meet. He gave us a week to meet him. Then Malik vanished for a night. When he returned he had a new staff and a few items from Harvey’s tower, apparently he’s one of Harvey’s apprentices. I guess he got the staff from inside the tower but the other things he brought back literally thrummed with power. Osvata picked up a sword and it took control of her mind. We were able to put her down for a moment and get the sword from her grasp but even without it she seemed to want us all dead so we decided to keep her tied up while we looked for answers.

Those answers actually came from Crestfallen or more importantly from his library. No only did we get the answers to help Osvata out but I managed to track down some info on Grace and Osvata. Hopefully when Grace finds out that she has family it will help her with moving on from the Graham business. I also looked into elemental ice but there didn’t seem to be much information on it except that it comes from the border between the elemental plane of Water and Air. Perhaps Barick will have an idea. Our search provided us with three options for curing Osvata; she could die, we could kill an innocent that happened to be descended from an old enemy of the sword or we could shatter the sword at the grave of its fallen Wielder. We decided to go the ghost path but it requires us to be able to travel great distances. Luckily there is a person in a near town that can teleport us.

Once we get there we prep and Osvata shatters the Sword. The ghost shows up with a few angry spirits in tow. I open up with the strongest magic I have, drawing on the ice mana i’ve been keeping on me. Thanks to that ectoplasmic rod I got from Riddox I’m able to hit home with my strikes but everytime I draw on the Ice Mana a voice speaks to me. I probably wouldn’t think anything of it but my friends have shown me the danger that comes with entities speaking directly with your head. I definitely need to look into the Ice Mana more deeply but I push it to the back of my head, the ghost is more important. We are able to beat it but it cost Malik dearly as he fell in battle to the fearsome ghost. With the party unsure what to do I turn to Malik’s new staff, Something about it tugs at my memory. Upon picking it up I realize exactly what it is, the legendary Staff of the Magi. Stories are told to all practitioners early in their career. It is legend as our those who have wielded it through history. The last known wielder was Harvey so perhaps its not to surprising it is now carried by one of his apprentices. Knowing some of the staffs history I know that It might be able to summon some aid. I love my magic, its been part of me my whole life but there is something awesome about wielding power greater than you. With the Staff’s help I was able to call on an angel and ask her to resurrect Malik. He got a little bitchy when he saw me holding his staff, talk about “my precious” syndrome, so I tossed it back to him. As fun as it is I love the thrill of using my own power more than relying on the trappings of a Wizard.

After banishing the ghost we head back to town to rest and decided on our next move. With a bit of luck Malik runs across some magic boots that let him teleport. With the boots we realize we can still make the deadline with the Gunslinger of the Nine. Something has been eating at Malik though. After dropping us off not far from home Malik tells use he plans on re-entering the tower to put back the items he took out. I has come to realize that they had been there for a reason. He doesn’t want to risk anyone else so he asks us to give him two days and if he doesn’t return then we should continue to the meeting without him.

Summoning that angel has been replaying in my head, it was enlightening to speak to a creature from outside our realm, especially with a creature with its own innate magic. I’ve been carrying around three stones that I had bartered for from the Chosen known as Pierce. He said that each stone represented a contract with an outsider. Perhaps its time I look a little more closely at them. Plus, with the Ice Mana talking to me now I think its best for me to find as many answers as I can and perhaps those answers rest outside our borders.

I hope this finds you all well, Love,



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