Breaching the Storm

Out of Hand


Hey folks, Malik here. Sorry I haven’t written in a while but things have kind of gone a bit crazy as of late. Ill start by telling you about my new power. I recently learned the ability to communicate long distance and have been using it a lot! I have been communicating with Flare/Grievane (oh yeah, Flare is Grievane now!) working with him in an effort to focus him on destroying Stroud for us. He arrived one night while everyone was sleeping and he had a deal for me. When Flare left Osveta and joined with Grievane, Flare saved her and allowed her to live and in return Osveta was not to tell anyone that Flare was in control of Grievane now. When Osveta returned she told everyone and as you can imagine that pissed Flare off something fierce! He came to me and explained that he would work with me if I did him a favor. He need something in Harvey’s tower that only I could help him get to and in exchange he would spare Osveta’s life and I could take all I could carry from the room. Of course I jump at the chance to further my own plans, help Osveta, and maybe take home a little something for myself! We arrive at Harvey’s Tower to find it ransacked much to my surprise and disappointment. Flare leads the way as we DESCEND some stairs that seem to go on forever until we arrive at a door where I have to use the key that Harvey had left for me. Once inside I see a wall filled with chest in which the magic was blindingly powerful, also there is a huge ass red dragon! Flare handles it with ease though since he controls the Red Dragon Orb. On a side note, I hate the dragon orbs. I intend to lock them all away one day. What kind of lunacy compels flare to use his own orb on his own kind? Its madness but I dont have time to think about that since Im grabbing all the chest i can pick up, 3 to be exact before grabbing Flares chest and away we go. Once outside he bids me to open the chest, so I do as per the agreement and step back. He approach it and pulls out… the Green Dragon Orb. FUCK!!!!! That was not at all what I was expecting as he adds a second orb to his collection, but then it got worse. Elovesor showed up. He must have some kind of link to the tower and must have known something was taken. Why didn’t I think of that! Flare sees elovesor and grins as he pulls out YET ANOTHER Dragon Orb, this one gold. Flare takes control of Elovsesor with ease. FUCK!!!!!!! A third dragon orb, and I lost a valuable ally! What can I do though? No way I can take Flare and for sure not here on the wrong side of the world. Flare teleports me back, smiles, says thanks, and off he goes. I had fucked up and this time it was huge. Atleast I have protected Osveta. The next day Im having a look in the chest with the rest of the group after I had explained what had happened the night before. Obviously I kept some things back but for the most part they know what happened. In one chest there was a powerful magic sword, in another a book that radiated hate and evil, and in a third chest…i have no idea cause i cant get the damn thing open. Im gonna go ahead and rule out the crazy evil book too, i dont need anyone in the party going crazy. Yami is evil and he is smart enough to read the book so ill let him take a look and see what it is. But the sword seems fine and it is awesomely powerful. I offer it to Osveta. I cant use it and I feel like she could make the most use out of it. She grabs it up gladly and, wouldnt you know it, she goes crazy. sigh…. It turns out that the sword has a personality of its own. it was held by some ancient warlord that hated everything but his tribe and so Osveta started laying into us! We try to knock the weapon out of her hand, to no avail. We try to knock her prone, to no avail. I lighting bolted the shit out of her, that did it! (Oh yeah! I have the Staff of the Magi now! long story, Ill go into it some other time…). We strip Osveta down, tie her to her horse put the sword safely away and we set out to find someone who can help us. We run into Crestfallen who tells us all about the sword and some of the options we have. He also warns me about the retrievers that are hunting me now because of the things i took from the tower, great. In the end we are still at a loss and we decide to bed down for the night. The next morning Osveta told us what we needed to do to break the sword or its hold over her but we have very little time. We have three choices. Number 1-she can die, Number 2- we kill the last remaining ancestor of the clan that killed the warlords clan, or Number 3- we visit his grave, break the sword and kill his ghost. I voted for number 2 but everyone else wanted to go for the ghost so I bought Boots of Teleport and off we went. We get to the grave site and Osveta breaks the sword freeing her from its will, but blinding her in the process as the ghost of the warlord rise from the ground with an army of ghost that start heading to the nearest city. We battle the ghost for some time as I throw everything I can at it with very little having effect. Zel seemed to be the most useful against it. I threw a bolt of lightning at him, doing very little damage and he swung at me…. The next thing I remember was waking up and seeing an angel. Then i saw Zel…holding my staff. After a brief period of rage at the audacity of him touching my staff, I realize I had died. He used my staff to summon an angel to resurrect me. Wow. I owe him big for that. I will return the favor for him one day, but he wont be touching my staff again while i draw breath. I felt weakened after the encounter, I have the magic to fix it but it will take some time. I can return Osveta’s sight to her as well but im so tired I just need to rest and think for the night. I come to a decision, I need to put this shit back. I need to do it now before I cause anymore damage. Osveta almost lost her mind again, and I fucking died for this shit! No, it all needs to go back now. I restore Osvetas sight as well as a bit of my old strength. It will take a week to get back to 100 percent but I dont have the time for that. I send a message to Flare and offer him the whereabouts of the White Dragon Orb if he will aid me in returning the chests. I hope he doesnt respond. I know I can pull it off if he is with me but the risk of him acquiring another orb is too great. I would rather chance it alone. Atleast if I get eaten by a dragon all these terrible items I have will be locked safely away again, though I dont intend to die. Im gonna have to be clever for this one. I take the party to Nan which is a short travel to the port city and tell them of my plan. If im not back in 2 days, go on without me. I teleport to the half way point where I will rest for the night so I can get all the spells I might need to pull this off. Tomorrow I face oblivion but I do it knowingly and Im not unprepared this time. Wish me luck, with any I will be back on the marrow, otherwise look for me alongside Dromadeas where I belong.



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