Osveta Kaznovati

Inquisitor of Matunas


*NOTE: You’ll find me quite, um, blunt.


I was raised by the church. I was not dropped off, I was not found, nor abandoned. Both of my parents, according to those I trust, were officials within the church who were told I would have to be a secret. So that’s what I am. I do not know their names, I do not know their titles. My teachers and trainers became my friends as I knew no other children. How could I, living in the walls?
I studied during the days and at night I would train. I lived within the walls of the church, in the underground, in the bell towers.
I’m the thing that goes “bump in the night”. At least, that’s what they’d like me to be. More honestly, it’s what I strive to be.
Since young childhood I’ve known I was destined for something great. Something that is great in my eyes and the eyes of my God.
Growing up in Yakone means nothing to me – I spent so little time outside the church it may as well have been anywhere. I wasn’t completely lonely; I would sneak out sometimes at night and hang around the inns. I met some really amazing adventurers and I learned a lot about the “outside world”. I heard great stories of dragons and magic and demons and destruction. I got to be the taste-tester to the town’s finest chef, learning my way around the kitchen as I ate my way through it.
As I got older, and my time in childhood grew short, I spent many late nights in the House of Song, trying to feel a sense of “home” in this town where I was raised, but I felt nothing other than the world calling me onward.
This is my first outing on my own, as a full-fledged Inquisitor of Matunas. I’m nervous, and I’m scared, but I’m ready to fulfill my destiny.

Osveta Kaznovati

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